The easiest and fastest way to protect surfaces against heavy wear
indoor and outdoor!

RD-Edeck Slurry is an extremely durable coating system developed to protect most kind of floors, decks and balconies, in a fast, easy, and cost saving way.
3 in 1 solution
For various projects, from small to very large
Warehouses, garages, workshops - car parks, ramps - food processing plants - factory floors - technical rooms - metal checkered/diamond floors - decks and balconies
Maximum load of properties in a single product!
Cost effective, easy and fast to apply
  • Water-based -> safe to apply, virtually odour-free, no risks of fire
  • Single package -> no pot life, no mistakes due to wrong mixing, no wastes
  • High resistance against wear -> excellent results at Taber test
  • Anti-slip properties -> easy to adjust depending on the requirements
  • Eco-friendly – Leed v4 – almost no VOCs or CO2 emissions 
  • Flexible membrane -> impact resistant, good resistance to cracks
  • Waterproofing -> very good waterproofing properties
  • Limited downtime -> a full system can be applied within a day
  • Easy application by roller or airless -> no need for expensive application equipment, easy maintenance
Eco-friendly system

Complies with “Red List Chemical Guide” of the Living Building Challenge v3.0.

Tested following USGBC’s LEED v4 rating systems. Scenario: classroom and private office use.

VOC EMISSION – ISO 16000-6 – Best grade!

Simple application
by roller or airless, so easy ...
RD-Edeck Slurry applications